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Title: Increasing Supply Limit.
Post by: taera249 on January 24, 2018, 07:19:52 pm
Good Day Everyone!
I think this is the most appropriate section where I can post my question regarding the development of Bitcoin.
I just read the Bitcoin whitepaper and most of it content are difficult for me to understand, lots of them are Mathematical Equation and programs. Upon reading  there is only one question. that pops in my mind.
What processes or steps in order for the creator to increase its Supply Limit? [I am also pertaining  to Alternative Coins not just Bitcoins]. Someone says that it is complicated.
Can you cite some relevant previous post or links?
For you to change the total supply of the Coins that can be mined it can be done with a hard fork but, another coin would just be made with the name Bitcoin on it. it's imposible for you to change the supply it's made only to have 21m on it (BTC).