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Title: Business Continuity VS Disaster Recovery
Post by: pkv2266 on November 20, 2018, 11:55:55 am
Running a successful business isn’t just about developing quality products and determining the highest performing marketing tactics. It’s also about planning for unforeseen circumstances which could not only put the business on hold temporarily but could completely wipe a business out for good. Business continuity and disaster recovery plans (https://www.extnoc.com/blog/business-continuity-vs-disaster-recovery-plan/) are used by businesses to prevent this from happening, by establishing strategies and backup maneuvers in advance. That way, when disaster strikes, your business is ready, and your team knows exactly what they should do.

Although many people are under the misconception that BCP and DRP are one in the same, they are entirely different. Smart business practitioners understand these differences and realize that they need both kinds of plans in place to adequately safeguard their business. This article will explain the differences between the two, and outline some key insights when it comes to developing a set of plans that will ensure success and security for you and your business.