Author Topic: At today's prices it would take 10 months to pay back 1 1080ti before you made $  (Read 1552 times)

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How can a miner get mining in 2018? Prices are just to high

It would take 10 months just to make your money back. And then you start to see profit

My 1 1070 can only pull in maybe $5 a day it would take me 7-8 months before I paid it back and made money...

Smart investment? How are people paying these prices?

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better get rx 570 7 pieces its much faster than 1 pieces 1080 ti

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I think it depends on the coin you are mining a lot of the time. I know a few miners who dedicate their machines to new coins only that I've never even heard of yet - obscure maybe - but they capitalise on getting in while the difficulties are lowest and can make themselves enough to cover costs days rather than months.

Not my results, and I'm only a scrub miner myself - these peeps above get right down into the coding and masternodes setups as well as being able to overhaul things so maybe its just something we have to upskill in if we really want to get good at.