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Blockchain development
« on: January 25, 2018, 01:27:21 pm »
First off, not having to ask that question. You need to know some programming, C++, java, python. Read this That should be enough to figure it out. Here is another cool article about it for beginners

You need to know how to program, you don't need to know all of the above languages. That's pure overkill. I've never used Python or Java for anything, I do however use C for some things and some other higher level cross platform GUI tools for desktop front ends. Ultimately a lot of languages (at least the ones I use) produce programs which are built with the LLVM backend.

Crypto libraries like mbedTLS and LibSodium are written in C but that doesn't mean you need to write the rest of your programs in C or C++ with the Qt environment like Bitcoin.

The basic libs can be used in combination with various modern and very simple to use languages.

There are higher level languages which allow you to use the exact same cryptography as Bitcoin or similar ECC variations like Ed25519 instead of Secp256k1 for example.

You could for example write it in one of the .NET languages or something a bit more cross plaform friendly, there are some quite useful GUI enabled cross platform (Win, Mac and Linux) languages out there if you go looking for them and you can use as much or as little lower level C/C++ stuff as you want.

I would suggest that the first step will be to learn how to use the crypto libraries properly and take it from there.

Writing a blockchain based system is not a small job but it can be done if you're dedicated to the task and have enough time to do so.

What kind of blockchain utilising system did you have in mind ?

I'm interested in a minimalist private blockchain based system for what I'm working on, it doesn't need to be a coin but would use issued tokens to authorise database entries in a distributed manner which is hard to tamper with and is read only for nearly all users apart from those authorised to add blocks. These tokens would have no monetary value and certainly wouldn't be traded anywhere but would serve to enforce fair use of the system and prevent abuse by trusted users.

This is just a pet project of mine but as an emerging and relatively new way of doing things I'm sure there will be many interesting developments in the future so it's an area worth pursuing even if it takes a few years to get up to speed or produce anything worthwhile.