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« on: November 24, 2017, 12:31:44 pm »
Jus Naturale is a company with its own ecosystem

We offer a new business model for ICO, which will ensure the transparency and legality of the token, as well as creating a unique ecosystem. Such a model will reduce marketing costs and will solve other tasks of the project and its participants.
The development of our ecosystem will take place in the form of ICO in several stages, starting with free token distribution rounds. At the first stage we distribute tokens free of charge and the tokens will be tied to 20% of corporate rights of the company. This condition is ensured by the e-register agreement. You can view it using the link:

The distribution of Jus Naturale tokens is also an opportunity to become a co-owner of all future Jus Naturale projects, including a cryptoexchange, projects in the fields of tourism, freelance, media and other projects that you will learn about in the process of the ecosystem development.
The concept of Jus Naturale is a win-win attraction of people and businesses to the ecosystem for joint ownership of the company and increasing its profits.

What will each owner of Jus Naturale tokens receive?
- 20% of the total profit of Jus Naturale from the classical (basic) package of services: consulting, jurisprudence, marketing, IT.
- 20% of the profits from all advertising and promotion of products launched through all communication channels of Jus Naturale.
- A portion of the profits or tokens of all ICOs that will be released on the Jus Naturale platform.
- Possibility to sell Jus Naturale tokens on other crypto-exchange exchanges.
- Possibility for owners of Jus Naturale tokens to use the ecosystem to promote their own goods and services, to become a freelancer or to find professionals who will agree to cooperate with you and carry out the tasks you need.
- The opportunity to contribute to the protection of the ecology, to the development of decentralization ideas and transparency of business.
- Access to various ecosystem events. Also the opportunity to create their own events, access to which will be open to all participants of the ecosystem.
- Support for creators of ideas and start-ups: assistance in attracting financing and marketing services.
- The ability to use the network of Jus Naturale coworkings, which will be formed as the ecosystem expands.

*Note: 20% of the profit is distributed proportionally among all holders of Jus Naturale tokens.

What are the advantages of the business with the possession of Jus Naturale tokens? (other than those mentioned above):
- Support and assistance in marketing, consulting, law, IT
- Utilizing all the benefits of the ecosystem for the implementation of their ICO, including the costliest of them - marketing.
- Carry out the translations you need, using the ecosystem of users from different countries.
- If desired, the ecosystem participants can cooperate and use the work of other ecosystem participants for mutually beneficial development of their business.
- Integrated marketing for your product, aimed at all users of the ecosystem.
- Receive immediate feedback about your products or services from users of the ecosystem.
- Launching an ICO for your project in exchange for some tokens or a fixed amount of money (the number of tokens and the amount of compensation are negotiated separately).
- Opportunity for companies in the real economy to raise funds for their company (including using our legal mechanism for tokenizing corporate rights, the platform and the Jus Naturale team)
- The services of a reliable escrow agent, which guarantees the transparency of your business for investors.
- Services of a permanent arbitration court through which members of the ecosystem can resolve the differences that have arisen without resorting to settlement of the dispute in state bodies.

What you need to get free tokens

To get free tokens, participants need to subscribe to all Jus Naturale communication channels - website, forum, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter. Participants can get  additional Jus Naturale tokens Jus Naturale for active promotion of the project. More information on the conditions for obtaining bonus tokens can be found in our membership, referral and bounty programs.
At the same time, the output of Jus Naturale tokens on the exchange will promote the flow of active and proactive users into the ecosystem - tokens owners who are not interested in actively promoting the ecosystem will be able to sell tokens to those who are interested in the development of the project and the further growth of Jus Naturale token capitalization.
In addition, we ask the participants to express their thoughts, leave comments and assessments regarding Jus Naturale and the projects participating in the ecosystem. We are open to any suggestions that will help to improve the project.

Benefits for Jus Naturale

We offer a free receipt of Jus Naturale tokens, which are also a possibility of partial ownership of the Jus Naturale ecosystem.
Due to the ecosystem, Jus Naturale receives constant marketing promotion for itself and other projects-participants of the ecosystem. A large number of co-owners will allow Jus Naturale to be innovative, thanks to the direct interest of the holders of tokens in the development of the project. At the same time, our own ecosystem will allow our company to be more competitive in comparison with other companies in this field.
The marketing costs of many large companies account for more than 20% of their revenues. We know how to reduce the marketing costs using our ecosystem and believe that such promotion and advertising methods are more effective and mutually beneficial for all participants of the ecosystem.
The founders also own tokens and, thus, along with other tokens holders, are interested in the implementation of the project.
If it is necessary to scale the business and the ecosystem, and also acquire additional assets, the company can sell the additional share of corporate rights by means of their tokenization.