Author Topic: Major web services providers banning crypto ads  (Read 499 times)

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Major web services providers banning crypto ads
« on: March 20, 2018, 04:56:43 am »
Hi all,

There hasn't been any new news posted here in over a month.

Is anyone still even here?

Anyway major news over the past week or so - is the immenient banning by Google on crypto ads, some speculation running rampart that Twitter will be following suit and of course the crypto community dealing with the Facebook AI algorithm changes (also prevalent on the YouTube platform) that restrict/softban or shut you out of your accounts.
I'm not providing links to these - as I feel a quick google of any of those will get you the info you need on them.

So how are we as a crypto community responding? Some peeps are angry, some are frustrated... But really... there's no need for either. Crypto isn't mainstream. Crypto isn't even close to it yet. And getting into the crypto game for most is hard. And its a security nightmare for those of us who even have some skills in our online lives.

Picture your mother/father or grandparents who are only recently adopting the use of a smartphone... or starting to use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and fam... You know the tech barrier they've had to overcome to get to that point. (For those of you with upskilled relatives already thinking I'm talking rubbish --- its not that way for everyone... i'm generalising here but I still have a parent who uses a crappy old nokia phone and has no computer and doesn't know what wifi is.)

Anyway - the bans will actually save all our family members from seeing crypto (but more importantly - crypto scams!) Its hard enough for us to distinguish them - let alone a full on newb to crypto.

Great - so what do we need to do: Switch it up --- stop supporting web services that don't support you. Thats all. Change it up and start giving back to the tech that supports a crypto-sphere you want to be part of.

Google - Google Mail - Google Chrome - Facebook - Youtube - Insta & Twitter - None of these are islands. None of these are irreplaceable.

You've got Brave Browser, Presearch searchbar, DuckDuckGo search engine, Viewly for sharing vids, CryptoSocial for FB replacement, and a tonne of forums to work with, Sola for sharing pics, Suchapp coming soon, and wow - there's more but I can't think of them all. Twitch and Discord are working with crypto groups so they are Pro-Crypto too.

Just remember - the news might seem shocking and bad for business, but the crypto community is stronger than this. And we got options. So many options!!